Documents Detail Short, Sad Life of Nubia Doctor, Found Dead in Father's Truck


In perhaps the most disturbing of at least eight child welfare reports, in 2005 Nubia accused her foster father of sexual abuse, just months after being removed from the home of her biological father because she had been molested.

The sexual abuse investigation was dropped after a psychologist said there was not enough conclusive evidence that the girl had not made up the story.

"Nubia disclosed to [to the psychologist] that the foster father tickled her private parts," wrote a case worker in 2005.

In 2006 she was reported absent 16 times from school. In 2007 she missed two weeks of school "due to heavy bleeding."

Another report cites a bruise on her chin.

A spokesman for the Department of Children and Family said in each case there was not enough evidence to suggest Nubia had been abused or to remove her from her household.

"There is no specific threshold for removal. There's not a number of investigations that triggers removal," said Mark Riordan, the department spokesman. "If there is imminent danger to the child we remove immediately. But the preference is never to remove a child from the family."

Riordan said the agency investigated the family eight times and removed the girl from an abusive biological parent, but the agency could not stop "evil people from doing evil things."

"You can't blame us, we are the agency responsible for protecting children, but the parents were involved. They did this," he said.

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