Double Jeopardy: Getting Away With Murder


But several weeks later it took the jury just four hours to find the young man not guilty of the crime – in part because the case against Turnbaugh was largely circumstantial but also because the defense was able to show that Turnbaugh had some serious mental health issues. According to Turnbaugh's lawyer Kurt Hughes, he has confessed to this and other crimes before.

"He claimed responsibility for 9-11 and the war in the Middle East…he was acquitted because it was found that his confessions were not reliable," said Hughes. Turnbaugh's father, Charles, said his son is currently at Vermont State Hospital, a mental health facility. "My son has been mistreated here …he is ill and cannot defend himself."

Still, Turnbaugh's most recent confession has riled the family and friends of Declan Lyons, the man Turnbaugh was accused of killing. They remain convinced his confessions are real. For them, the concept of double jeopardy is a bitter pill. "We thought and the state police investigating agency was very certain back when charges were brought that he was responsible for this murder," said Sorrel. "But jeopardy has attached…and you know it's the same with OJ Simpson he could confess tomorrow and there is nothing the State of California could do about it."

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