Elizabeth Smart Tells Court Kidnapper Tried to Snatch Her Cousin Too


"He received a revelation that seven different wives would come from seven different cities so he wanted to go to the library to look at maps," Smart said.

But it was at the library that a police approached the group, asking Smart to remove her veil so he could see her face. The officer had said he was looking for Elizabeth Smart.

"Barzee's hand was clenching my leg. I interpreted it t say, 'Don't say anything, don't move, don't do anything,'" said Smart.

"[Mitchell] said that [lifting the veil] was not allowed under our religion that only my husband could remove my veil under our religion," said Smart. "The [officer] asked if he could be a part of our religion for a day so he could remove my veil."

"The defendant was just very calm and very cooly said no only her husband would be able to do that," she said. The detective then left the library.

"I was mad at myself that I didn't say anything. I was mad at myself for not taking the chance but I just felt like it was so close," said Smart. "I felt terrible that the detective hadn't pushed harder and he had just walked away."

Later, when officers stopped and asked her if she was Elizabeth Smart, Smart testified that she lied because she feared for her life.

Elizabeth Smart Testimony Reveals Gruesome Details of Captivity

During Monday's testimony, Smart said that she had pleaded with Mitchell to try and prevent the rapes that occurred more than once a day while chained to a tree in Mitchell's forest hideout.

She was often tempted to scream out for help, especially when she heard rescue workers calling her name, she testified. Smart said Mitchell told her that if she yelled or screamed he would "duct tape my mouth shut and anyone who came in he said he would kill."

Finally her mindset changed where she decided to survive she should go along with their beliefs, said Smart. " [I told myself to] do everything he told me to do to live. I did that until the very end."

"I was crying a lot and I didn't realize what was happening at first," Smart said from the witness stand. "I begged him not to. I did everything I could to stop him. I pleaded with him not to touch me."

Smart said that she would lie on her stomach to try and make it harder for Mitchell to rape her, but that he did it anyway, despite her pleas.

"I felt like prostitutes had a better life than I did," said Smart. ""I told him I was just a little girl. A 14 year old girl against a grown man doesn't even out so much."

Mitchell would constantly remind her that her kidnapping was "the work of God."

"He said that I was very lucky and that I was being saved from the world," said Smart. "I had been called by God to be his wife."

Smart also recounted the details from the night she was kidnapped, telling the juror that she had taken the time to go around the house and close the windows before going to sleep.

"There was a window in our kitchen that I did not close because the smell of burned smoke still filled the air," said Smart.

The window had been left open to let out the smell of burned potatoes from her mother's cooking earlier that day. It was the very same window that Mitchell would allegedly climb through just hours later.

Describing how she woken up, Smart said, "There was a strange man's voice and I could feel something cold against my neck."

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