Emotional Reactions: Can You Guess What Prompted the Tears, Cheers?

What Has This Woman Realized?

More than ever before, ordinary people are sharing extraordinary personal moments with the world. Whether it's the delivery of a newborn or a wife's reaction to a husband's surprise gift of a car, you can find video of it online.

It's a trend that "changes what intimacy means," said Sam Biddle of the tech website Gizmodo.

"Intimacy used to mean something that was shut off from everyone," Biddle said. "Now, you can have intimacy on a global scale, which seems almost like an oxymoron, but the feelings are real."

Watch the full story on "20/20: The Camera Never Lies" online here and check out the videos on following pages to see if you can guess what's prompting such emotional reactions.

Why Is This Woman Crying?
Why Is This Woman Crying?

The woman at the center of this video...

A. ...has just been told that she's having triplets.
B. ...has just regained her sense of smell.
C. ...has just heard her own voice for the first time.

Why Is This Man Cheering?
Why Is This Man Cheering?

This man is thrilled because he's just learned that...

A. ...he has been accepted to college.
B. ...he has won the lottery.
C. ...his fantasy football team won a league championship.

What Has This Woman Realized?
What Has This Woman Realized?

This woman is stunned because...

A. ...she can't believe how good she looks in contact lenses.
B. ...she just learned she was accepted to the Peace Corps.
C. ...she just found out that she's pregnant.

The Answers

1. C. The woman at the center of the video was hearing sound for the first time. 2. A. The man was thrilled because he had just learned he had been accepted into college. 3. C. The woman was stunned because she just found out that she was pregnant.

Watch the full story on two hours of "20/20" tonight, starting at 9 p.m. ET.

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