Gas Going For $20 a Gallon on Black Market After Sandy


Gas Gouging in Sandy Aftermath

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed an executive order Friday night to ration gasoline for cars in 12 New Jersey counties after more than half the stations in New Jersey and Long Island shut down because of the storm, resulting in hours-long lines for customers and threatening a a gas availability shortage.

Under Christie's order, car owners with odd numbered license plates can get gas on odd days, and car owners with even numbered license plates can get gasoline on even days. If one's license ends with a letter, Christie said it would be regarded as an odd number.

Despite the measure, the governor said on Sunday that he could not prevent people from topping off their nearly full gas tanks.

"You can't legislate selfishness," he said.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Sunday the delivery problems were a temporary issue, "but that does not mean there will be a total alleviation of the problem in the immediate future."

First responders were given free fuel by FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA said it also sold gasoline to filling stations in some places.

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