George Huguely Trial: Excessive Alcohol Consumption a Recurring Issue


Whiteley testified that Love was "kind of drunk, but not so out of control drunk." Whiteley went out again and Love stayed home, saying she might meet up with her later.

Love's blood alcohol level was .16 or .18, according to the defense attorneys. The legal limit in Virginia is .08.

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On Friday, jurors were shown an hour and three minute long video of Huguely's taped police interrogation, hours after Love was found dead. At the beginning of the interview Huguely describes an unpleasant attempt to talk with Love, telling her to "chill out" and admitting "shook her a little."

"We were just going to talk," Huguely told the officer in the video. "It was not at all a good conversation."

He was apparently unaware that he left his former lover dying on her bed.

When the officer tells Huguely that Love is dead, a panic-stricken Huguely then repeats over and over that he doesn't believe it.

"I didn't do that to her. I wouldn't have done anything to her. I refuse to believe she is dead," he said through tears.

The trial is expected to continue at least through next week.

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