Girl's Body Exhumed for Clues in 1957 Murder


Jack McCullough Will Face Murder Charges in Illinois for Death of Maria Ridulph

Ridulph remembers McCullough and had even visited his home when he was a child, but couldn't place his face until he saw it in the newspaper.

"The whole town was our playground," Ridulph said. "I think one of the shocking things about when this hit was that he lived just a block and a half away. We played on that street, all of us kids, and he had stepsisters."

Ridulph, a deacon and director of the Christian Senior Ministries in Sycamore, Ill. said it seems everything is "falling into place regarding what I am hearing about this case."

"I have to trust in what the state's attorney and chief of police here is saying and I cannot imagine proceeding with this if they weren't certain that they had a solid case."

McCullough told the Associated Press during a jailhouse interview that he had an "iron-clad alibi."

He admitted he had never taken a train to Chicago, saying his stepfather drove him there and he then hitched a ride back to Rockford where he called his stepfather to pick him up. McCullough's stepfather is dead and his sisters could not be reached.

According to the police affidavit investigators verified that a collect call was made from a payphone in Rockford from 6:57 to 6:59 p.m., so McCullough says that proves he is innocent.

"How am I involved in a kidnapping at 6 p.m. in Sycamore? A fifth-grader can figure this out," he told the Associated Press.

McCullough is being held on $3 million bail on a fugitive charge after being arrested June 29 for the 1957 murder.

Police are asking anyone with more information on McCullough to call a tip line: 1-800-843-5763.

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