Harvard Students Accused of Cheating on Final Exam Reflects 'Culture of Cheating,' Grad Says


"The fact that this story alone has become national story is evidence that Harvard is this lightning rod. Kids now are very aware, they've seen 'The Social Network,'" Kester said, referring to the movie about Zuckerberg's life.

"Most of these kids have spent at least high school and maybe since they were 5 or 6 years old getting into this school, doing SAT tutoring since 10 years old and going to organic chemistry summer camp. When you take that into account, you get a clearer sense of why you might be afraid," he said.

Kester and Harvard administrators agree that most students there do not cheat, but that academic integrity could be stressed more on campus.

"We must also not forget that the vast majority of our students complete all their assignments honestly, diligently, and in accordance with our regulations and practices," Smith, the dean, said. "Allegations of inappropriate collaboration or plagiarism in a single class should not be allowed to diminish the good work or reputation of our outstanding student body."

The school said it will focus on spreading awareness of academic integrity this school year.

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