NJ Gov. Chris Christie Leaves Hospital After Asthma Scare, Says, 'I'm Fine'


NJ Gov. Chris Christie: 'The Lighter I Am, the Healthier I'll Be'

Christie's weight, with which he has famously battled, was not brought up by doctors, his staff said.

However, Christie later noted he has had ongoing discussions with doctors about his weight and they agree that "the lighter I am, the healthier I'll be."

"I've been losing weight," he said, citing a regular workout regimen. "We're trying to do this in a really slow, responsible way.

"In general, yes, if I weighed less, I'd be healthier," he said. "And I think that's something everybody understands."

The New Jersey governor has famously faced a battle with the bulge and told ABC News' Diane Sawyer earlier this year that he was working hard on losing weight the old-fashioned way, through diet and exercise.

"I just look in the mirror. ... I go, 'OK, I got to get healthier,'" he told Sawyer in April 2011. "This job has really forced me because it's such a draining job from an energy perspective. ... I know one of the reasons I'm tired is because I'm too overweight. The more I've lost weight, the better I feel, the more energy I have."

He wouldn't tell ABC News how much weight he had lost.

"We don't give numbers, Diane, because you're setting yourself up for failure but let's just say this: I feel better, I have more energy and my wife's happier because you know, we got four kids."

Christie told ABC News that each workout lasted an hour and that it had inspired his teen daughter to workout with him too. He said that he was working out four times a week.

"Exercise is almost never really fun for me but I did it this morning ... three mornings a week and then I do it on my own on Sunday," Christie told Sawyer.

During his gubernatorial campaign in 2009, Democratic incumbent Jon Corzine used unflattering images of Christie and accused him of "throwing his weight around" to avoid traffic citations.

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