Hot Debate: Is It Ever OK to Leave Your Child in the Car?


In the aftermath of the lengthy legal battles, Brooks said her son suffered from separation anxiety.

“Not just typical separation anxiety,” she said. “He would say things like, ‘the police are going to come, stay beside me,’ or that I would get in trouble.”

To this day, Brooks said she has not seen the alleged video showing her leaving her son alone in the car, nor does she want to, but she wishes the person who videotaped her had confronted her directly instead of sneaking around and going to the police.

“I think of a good Samaritan as someone who helps out, who helps a stranger, who behaves neighborly towards someone, even if they don’t know that person,” Brooks said. “I don’t think what they did really helped me or my child.”

As for deciding whether to leave a child alone in the car, Brooks said it depends on the circumstances, and if it’s not against the law, it should be up to the parent.

“Parents need to have some right to sort of make these choices about what risk is reasonable to take,” she said. “I think I’m sort of like most parents, and I think that most parents are doing the best they can to protect their children.”

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