Immigration Officials: Tri-Valley U. and Students Involved in Visa Scam


"My concern is if any of our students [American students] were to face similar circumstances in China or India, we would be up in arms. Why are somebody else's kids deserving of lesser dignity than our kids?" Khanna asked.

Some students have been contacted by ICE and others have voluntarily talked to immigration officials. Some students have already received a charging document called a notice to appear. The document is the first step towards deportation.

"Some ICE officers have been extremely courteous, others have come in like Gestapo getting into students' faces and saying, 'you're lying.," Khanna said. "One student was incarcerated for 16 days for having a bad attitude."

The students so far have three options. They can report to ICE to pick a day to voluntarily depart the United States, they can depart the U.S. on their own or they can file to be re-enstated by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

The allegations against Tri-Valley wouldn't make it the first sham university. In October 2010, students attending CMG Computer Center were stripped of their student status. Unlike the Tri-Valley case, the students weren't immediately stripped of their student status. They had until Jan. 22, 2011 to transfer to another school to regain their student status or leave the country.

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