Indiana National Guardsman Gunned Down Protecting Young Son


"It's very hard to try to explain to the kids that their daddy is gone forever, especially at such a young age. Antoine, for him to see his dad taken away like that… he can't explain it, the only way he can express it is by the way he acts," Norwood said. "He's gotten very aggressive since then. He's acting out after what happened."

Whether it is the toy cell phone or photos of Cook around the house, Norwood said it is evident that Antoine misses his father.

"He always looks at his pictures," she said.

Norwood, along with Cook's brother, have started a trust fund in Cook's name. In a video on the fund's website, a tearful Norwood notes that Cook was "our hero until the end." To date they have raised nearly $4,000, one fifth of the way towards their goal of $20,000.

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