Informant: Polygamous Cult Leader Shot and Killed Jadon Higganbothan, Boy Missing Since October


Dubose said that her sister's relationship with Moses turned violent last August.

"She's saying that he smacked her in the mouth with the gun and he shot at her three times," Dubose told WTVD.

Moses and his followers moved for a short time to Colorado last month after Durham police began inquiring about McKoy. Durham Police enlisted the help of the Teller County Police in Colorado to keep track of the group when they left North Carolina.

Teller County Police discovered nine children and nine adults living at a home in Colorado. The children were removed from the group and placed with social services. Sisk is believed to be the mother of three of those children. At least five of the children share the same father, police said.

Sisk, who police at one point thought was also missing along with her son, was found and questioned at a Wal-Mart in Woodland Park, Colorado on Feb. 23.

She told police that three of her children were living with her at the home with Moses and seven other adults. She did not mention Jadon.

Police Informant: Jadon Higganbothan, 6, Killed by Cult Leader

When police said that all of the children living with the group were going to be removed from the home, one of the followers lashed out at Sisk, saying, "We are losing all of our kids cause you don't know where one of yours is," according to the warrant.

The group left Colorado four days after Sisk was questioned.

"Our information is that they left on the 27th of February and we actually observed them leaving in a Uhaul van and their destination was Durham," Sgt. Nick Olmsted from the Teller County Police Department said.

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