Iran Hiker Sarah Shourd Hopes Arrest Anniversary Brings Fiance's Release


Iran Hikers Hope Ordeal Ends This Weekend

"They would motivate each other and challenge to do more push ups, sit ups and lifts, both working in their small space and using the frame of the bed," she said.

Shourd was jailed alone and only allowed to see her friends occasionally. The separation from her friends and the near total isolation was difficult to cope with.

She remembers one special day where things weren't so routine. On Jan. 6, 2010, Bauer fashioned a ring out of the strings from his t-shirt and asked Shourd to marry him.

That delicate ring has since fallen apart, but Shourd still holds on to the hope that they will get married as soon as he gets released.

"We have been waiting so long and I'm sure as soon as he gets out we will get married," she said.

The mothers of Bauer and Fattal are also enduring an agonizing wait.

"It's two years and I just can't imagine that this can continue on like this," said Bauer's mother, Cindy Hickey.

Hickey holds on to her optimism very cautiously because other promised trial dates in the past were not honored and her son is still in prison.

"The last trial when they didn't even bring them to court was on May 11. That was the most devastating day for me in the past two years," said Hickey.

Hickey said she will meditate as she awaits word of the trial because her son told her in one quick phone call once that he feels her meditating for him.

Laura Fattal, the mother of Josh Fattal, is hopeful this weekend ends her son's captivity.

The Iranians have said, "they believe that this will be the final hearing, and they have been very purposeful in choosing July 31, the anniversary of their capture," Laura Fattal told ABC News. "Not in a million years do I believe that this coincidence. And I am happy to hear that Ramadan starts on Aug. 1. This is a true time of compassion and mercy."

She is going to be baking chocolate chip cookies for her son this weekend because she knows how much he likes chocolate. She has been hanging on to a birthday card for him with a picture of his hero, Mahatma Gandhi on it.

"I am bringing him his birthday card where ever I have to go to pick him up," she said. "He has spent all of his 28th year in jail, and in tremendous isolation. He's only been allowed three phone calls in two years and one short letter home. I have written him 726 letters. I never ever thought it would go this long. We originally thought they might be questioned for 24 hours. It's been 24 months."

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