Pilot of JFK Emergency Landing Speaks Out


The plane landed on the left gear, and then slowly with the right wing lowered, it scraped the runway.

Sparks were visible through the window but there was no flames, no fire. No injuries were reported.

VIDEO: After birds flew into the planes engines, the pilot made an emergency landing.

After the plane landed, passengers applauded and cheered.

To the passengers, it might have been considered a miracle but aviation experts said the pilots knew just what do.

"It was very good airmanship and frankly shows how resilient and how good aviation security is," John Nance, aviation consultant for ABC News, said Monday.

For flight attendants, their training was put to the test.

"They are taught to use their voice, be extremely affirmative, basically they become drill sergeants," said Nance.

The crew's professionalism is critical but planes have gotten increasingly safer with stronger seats, cabin material that doesn't burn as quickly to help ensure that even when something goes terribly wrong, passengers can have the greatest chance to walk away.

VIDEO: Plane crashing into a cow.

ABC News' Lisa Lampkin contributed to this report.
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