Jaycee Dugard Interview: Five Lessons For Your Life


The things Dugard couldn't say out loud, she wrote in her journal. She described dreams of seeing her mother. She set goals of riding in a hot air balloon, being a veterinarian and even wondered if one day she'd find a soul mate.

4. Do Not Forget What Real Love or Goodness Is: Perhaps the greatest reminders of real love and goodness was the birth of her daughters in 1994 and 1997. She writes that having her first daughter meant that "I wasn't alone any more. [I] had somebody that was mine... And I knew I could never let anything happen to her."

Dugard said that caring for her daughters helped her remember her mother. She worried over the 18 years that she was forgetting what her mom looked like, but she'd see her mom in her daughters' faces. She said that gave her "another little piece of my mom to hang onto."

Dugard also said she gave and received love from the many cats she cared for over the years. She was so fond of one, she kept a journal for him: "Eclipse's Journal." Excerpts of the journal are in her memoir, "A Stolen Life." One journal entry reads, "last night I started to cry and she heard me and she came to me and sat next to me and after that, I felt a little better…when she looks at me I see love, curiosity, intelligence, but most of all I see her love for me."

5. Stare The Past Down With Strength, Not Shame: Dugard has spent the past two years with her therapist, Dr. Rebecca Bailey, learning that what happened to her is not her fault. "It is not her shame. Those things happened to her," Bailey told ABC News. Dugard said that she is telling her story so that there are no more secrets. "Why not look at it? You know, stare it down until it can't scare you anymore," Dugard told Sawyer.

In giving an honest account of how a predator operates, she's giving voice to the many victims of sex abuse and a glimpse into the rare occurrence of stranger abduction.

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