Jerry Sandusky Trial Hear 'Victim' Say He Screamed for Help But No One Heard


Jerry Sandusky Victim End Their Testimony

"How are you supposed to tell your mom something like that?" he said. "Who would believe you? He was an important guy, a football coach. Who would believe kids?"

The defense is expected to present its case on Monday, focused on portraying Sandusky as an overly-affectionate man with childlike tendencies. The prosecution said it had no further witnesses, though it did not officially rest its case.

Two other men told the court today how as young boys they were allegedly molested by Sandusky.

Victim 6, who is now 24, said that as a young boy growing up in State College, Pa., he idolized the Penn State football team and the day he got to try on football helmets and shoulder pads from the star players, ones that "were huge for me" was a thrilling day -- until Sandusky asked him to take a shower.

The man said that Sandusky bear-hugged him, tickled him, called himself the "tickle monster" and lifted him up in the shower saying he was going to "squeeze (the boy's) guts out."

The shower made him "uncomfortable," but the memory of what happened stopped there. The man, identified as Victim 6, said he "blacked out" when Sandusky lifted him up in the shower, and he could not remember exactly what happened next.

"Then he had his hands around my waist and lifted me up to the shower head to get the soap out of my hair. I believe my chest was to his chest," he said. "I don't think it was touching but I remember going into the shower head and having to close my eyes so soap wouldn't go in, and that's the last thing I remember about being in the shower. That's the best recollection I've got.

"I don't even remember being put down," he said. "Everything else is just blacked out. I don't remember any more."

The episode became the linchpin for the first criminal investigation of Sandusky as a child sex abuser, launched in 1998 when the man's mother called Penn State campus police to report that a staff member had been inappropriately showering with her son.

That investigation came close to an arrest for Sandusky, according to testimony by the lead investigator Ronald Scheffler, who worked as a criminal investigator for the university police. Scheffler said that he interviewed Sandusky about the incident, and Sandusky admitted that he had showered with many children. But Scheffler never followed up to see how many, what activities had gone on in the shower, or how old the children were.

Scheffler told McGettigan that he believed there was enough to charge Sandusky, but district attorney Ray Gricar decided not to prosecute.

It would be 10 more years, and at least half a dozen other alleged victims, until Sandusky would be investigated once again, finally resulting in 52 counts of child sex abuse.

The episode with Victim 6 was quickly pulled apart by Amendola, who noted that though Victim 6 said he did not remember what happened in the shower, he told Scheffler in the days immediately following the incident that he was sure Sandusky never touched him sexually or asked the boy to touch Sandusky sexually.

"I could sort of feel like he kissed me once or twice on the head, like you would kiss your child, you know what I mean," the boy said in the transcript.

"Like you would kiss a child," Amendola repeated.

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