JetBlue Sued: Underwear Altercation Humiliates Malinda Knowles


Malinda Knowles Sues JetBlue Over Underwear Dispute

"Victor Rodriguez basically booked me on the next flight out," Knowles said. "He told me I wasn't complying with the rules. I asked him 'What rules?' and he refused to answer."

"While I was leaving the flight one of the passengers said I should definitely get a lawyer," Knowles said.

When her attorney first met with Knowles a few days after the incident occurred last July, he said he was "outraged."

"I couldn't believe that a supervisor -- and that's how he's classified in the report filed with the Port Authority Police department -- would confront Ms. Knowles regarding whether she was wearing underwear."

In the lawsuit Knowles is described as enduring "sustained shock, mental anguish and physical pain."

Dratch told he had not yet heard from JetBlue after serving the company with a copy of the complaint more than a week ago. JetBlue spokeswoman Alison Croyle declined to comment.

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