Jodi Arias: 'No Jury Will Convict Me' for Murdering Ex-Boyfriend


Jodi Arias Murder Trial Details Her Lies

During the phone conversations played in court, Arias can be heard telling Mesa Det. Flores that she last talked to Alexander on Tuesday night, June 3, 2008, around 10 p.m. She had been in Los Angeles, about to leave to go to Utah, she said.

After June 3, he stopped calling her back, she said.

"On Tuesday night, [I talked to him]. It was brief though, 10 o'clock maybe. I'd say 10 p.m. or 9, 9:30. I was calling people because I was bored on the road. He was nice and cordial, but kind of acting like he had hurt feelings," she said.

"I may have called him Wednesday, from the road, and I sent him a couple of text messages and a couple of pictures," she said, adding that Alexander didn't pick up and his voice mailbox was full.

"That's unusual," she said. "He deletes all of his messages. I didn't want to be obsessive about it because we're not together anymore and I didn't like to call too much."

She told Flores that she was surprised to learn of Alexander's death from one of his friends, and thought it must be a mistake.

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