Jodi Arias' Lawyer Asks for Jurors to Be Sequestered


Sandy Arias admitted that her daughter's friends would call and warn that Jodi needed help.

"I had quite a few of her friends call me and tell me that I needed to get her some help. One called me in the middle of the night and told me that she needed help," said Sandy Arias.

When Flores asked Arias how she was holding up, she told him, "I feel like I'm going to puke."

On the witness stand, Jodi Arias claimed she was abused by her parents as a child.

Despite her daughter's accusations, Sandy Arias has been present in court every day during the marathon murder trial. William Arias' health issues have prevented him from appearing for most of the trial.

Later today, the jury will hear more testimony from domestic violence expert Alyce LaViolette, who spent 44 hours interviewing Jodi Arias in jail.

LaViolette, hired by the defense, testified that Arias' relationship with Alexander was "domestically abusive."

On Wednesday, LaViolette testified about a fight that Arias claims ended with Alexander breaking her finger in January 2008, the day after she claims she saw him looking at nude photos of children.

"During this argument, he grabs her and throws her to the floor," LaViolette said. "And when she hits the floor she makes a sound and he says, basically, 'Don't act like that hurts b----. This hurts.' And he kicks her. Then he kicks her a second time and she's trying to block that kick and he kicks her finger and breaks it."

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