Jodi Arias 'Snapped' When She Killed Travis Alexander, Attorney Says


On Thursday, prosecutor Juan Martinez laid out his closing argument for the jury, suggesting that Arias decided to kill Alexander because he was trying to break up with her and move on with his life.

Martinez argued that Arias tried to cover her tracks when she drove to Alexander's home in Mesa, Ariz., and killed him and then lied about it for months to avoid being caught.

Today, Nurmi admitted that Arias lied, but told jurors that the criminal charge was murder, not lying.

"One thing the state has done is pile on, to set up a house of cards to say Jodi is lying about everything, then knock it down," he said.

"Did she lie? Of course she did, but that's not in your verdict instructions. The crime is premeditated murder," he said.

Nurmi focused his argument on discrediting what Martinez called her "covert mission" to kill Alexander.

The prosecution has alleged that Arias staged a break-in at her grandparents' home to steal their gun and use it to shoot Alexander. But Nurmi asked the jury why Arias wouldn't have simply gone into the cabinet and taken the gun without her grandparents ever realizing it.

He pointed out that Arias left an obvious paper trail on her trip to Alexander's home in Mesa, Ariz., with a car rental that required her license and credit card information, money transfers between banks, and stops to visit people along the way.

"Keep in mind the state conceded yesterday that Jodi Arias is a smart woman. Is that behavior consistent with a smart woman who is planning this covert mission to go to Mesa and kill Travis Alexander?"

Similarly, he pointed out at a half-dozen times that Arias could have killed Alexander easily when she arrived at his home, when she walked in and he was seated at the computer with his back to her, or in the shower when he posed looking away from her.

"Wouldn't you think if somebody was on this covert mission, they've done all these things to prepare themselves for the moment in time when she could kill Travis Alexander, does she shoot him right then and there?" Nurmi asked. "She had the gun and she had the knife. Why wouldn't she do that?"

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