John Edwards Sex Tape Testimony Will Be Allowed, Court Rules


When the National Enquirer tracked Hunter to their home, the Youngs had a fright. Their children came downstairs in their pajamas one evening for a snack and they saw a man peering into their window.

"I screamed, my children screamed. And we called 911," she testified.

They hit the road to keep Hunter unavailable to the press and her demands increased to the point where she resisted allowing the Youngs to return home so they could put their kids in school or see their kids for Christmas.

Fred Baron's wife, Lisa Blue, warned them at one meeting that Edwards' wife Elizabeth, who was suffering from terminal cancer, "is not well mentally... There's a very good chance she would do harm to you or your family," Cheri Hunter testified.

And after Hunter gave birth, the living arrangement got even worse, she said.

"Things grew pretty tense pretty quickly," she told the court. "We were not allowed around the baby, we couldn't touch the baby. The (Youngs') kids weren't allowed to be close enough where they could breath on the baby."

Mrs. Young can expect a tough grilling during cross examination. Her husband was questioned by two days by Edwards' lead attorney Abbe Lowell.

She can expect t be asked why about $1 million of the alleged hush money ended up in her family's pockets and helped bankroll the construction of their luxurious North Carolina home.

In bitterly contested testimony last week, Andrew Young said he was told that hiding Rielle Hunter was the most important job in the campaign, even after Edwards dropped out of the presidential race because he was angling for a top job, possibly vice president or attorney general.

Edwards' defense team laced into Young claiming that he used the scandal to enrich himself. They also claimed that Edwards used the money to hide Hunter from his wife, not from the government or the public.

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