John Edwards' Wife Tore Off Her Shirt and Collapsed Over His Affair


Earlier in the day, Edwards' lawyer made a final effort to discredit the main prosecution witnesses against him by having Cheri Young concede that $3,800 of the money meant to hide Edwards' mistress was spent on refashioning her wedding ring.

Cheri Young is the wife of Edwards' former aide Andrew Young. The couple helped hide Hunter for more than a year, handling more than $1 million from wealthy backers to keep Edwards' affair secret.

Edwards' defense alleges that the Youngs used the sex scandal to enrich themselves, including spending $200,000 of the hush money to add a pool, a theater and other expensive upgrades to their home.

Defense lawyer Alan Duncan tried to reenforce that point today by presenting two bills from a jewelry store that the Youngs included in their expenses for covering up the affair. The bills totalled $3,800.

Duncan asked what the bills were for, prompting Cheri Young to reply, "This is an item my husband purchased for me, a revision of my wedding ring."

Mrs. Young left the stand after four days of questioning. She and her husband were the trial's first two witnesses and their questioning has last nearly eight days.

Edwards' defense in part is that the money was used to hide Hunter from his wife Elizabeth, who was dying of cancer, not to hide her from the campaign, and that the money was not campaign donations.

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