What Kids Want: Get the Scoop on the Hottest Toys for the Holidays!

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The holidays are almost upon us, and this morning, "Good Morning America" brought you the lowdown on the hottest toys of the season.

Shannon Eis, a contributing editor at TimetoPlayMag.com, appeared on "GMA" to tell you all about the best toys for children ages 6 and older -- so get ready to hit the store.

Here are Eis' reviews of the toys!

Toys for Boys

B.I.G. Power Hand

(From JAKKS Pacific, for age 6 years and older. Approximate retail price: $29.99)

The B.I.G. Power Hand is a cool new way for boys to role-play. Boys will like that this oversize hand moves just like a real hand, allowing them to pick things up, scratch their backs and just about anything else they can do with their real hands.

Air Hogs Twin Vortex Helicopter

(From Spin Master, for children age 8 years and older. Approximate retail price: $64.99)

The Air Hogs Twin Vortex Helicopter is a stealthy indoor helicopter with five-way control and dual props, for precision control and an awesome flight experience.

Hot Wheel Wall Tracks

(From Mattel, for children age 4 and older. Approximate retail price, $29.99)

This is a new and unique way to race Hot Wheels cars. Wall Tracks offer the same thrilling stunts that Hot Wheels is known for, but at new heights. With so many innovative ways to set up the track, kids can customize their own tracks right on their bedroom walls.

NERF Vortex Praxis, Proton, and Vigilon

(From Hasbro, for children age 8 years and older. Approximate retail price, $9.99 to $24.99)

The NERF VORTEX lineup is a completely new NERF blaster experience, offering fans the latest in blaster technology and performance, and a greater blaster variety. Instead of foam darts, the Vortex blasters shoot plastic discs.

Toys for Girls

Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Jewel Sparkles

(From MGA, for children age 4 years and older. Approximate retail price, $34.99)

One of the most popular dolls for girls this holiday season, the Lalaloopsy dolls have gotten a new look -- bendable, plastic hair. Silly Hair Jewel Sparkles has long, bendable strands of plastic hair for girls to style and decorate. Add beads to the hair, straighten it, curl it, or twist it.

Monster High Dead Tired Line

(Mattel/Ages 6 years and older. Approximate retail price: $14.49)

One of the things we like about the Monster High dolls is that they are freaky and fabulous with a sense of humor. The monstrously popular characters teach girls to be confident with who they are. Girls will, of course, like the bedtime fashions of each of the Dead Tired dolls. This is a great new play extension for a favorite doll line.

Techie Toys


(VTech/Ages 3 and older. Approximate retail price: $79.99)

Young children will love using the InnoTab and having their own tablet, just like mom or dad. There are lots of activities to keep kids engage in educational and creative play. The InnoTab offers a lot of value for the money because it can grow with kids and be constantly updated.

LeapPad Explorer

(LeapFrog/Ages 4 and older. Approximate retail price: $99.99)

The LeapPad is a new product in the educational toy market. LeapFrog has combined the latest technology, educational curriculum, and entertaining characters in a form that mirrors popular adult tablets. Children will love having their own tablet device -- just like mom and dad.

Even More Fun!

LEGO Alien Conquest and Ninjago Lines

(From LEGO, for children age 8 years and older. Approximate retail price: $3.49 to $119.99)

Two new themes from the LEGO brand: The story behind Ninjago of building sets involves four young ninjas who must master the art of Spinjitzu, one of the lost martial arts. This theme combines traditional LEGO themes with an exciting new social gaming experience that mirrors the art of ninja. As the story goes with Alien Conquest, aliens have invaded the earth, and it's up to earthlings to defend themselves. Alien Invasion comes to life in a new way with this collection of models and building sets.

Cepia Zhu-Fari and Xia Xia Lines

(From Cepia, for children age 4 and older. Approximate retail price: $9.99 to $19.99)

Zhu-Fari expands the "Zhu-niverse" of popular Zhu Zhu pet hamsters with all new animal friends like elephants and giraffes. Xia Xia (pronounced "sha-sha") are colorful and collectible robotic hermit crabs. The Xia Xia pets have all the appeal of a real animal with lots of cool play additions, such as dancing, singing, and encouraging children to create an imaginary world all around them.


(From Spin Master, for children age 6 years and older. Approximate retail price, $5.99 to $19.99)

Redakai is a new collectible trading card game that utilizes Blast 3D technology, which means the cards contain 3D and animation effects that players can see without wearing special glasses. The cards are also partially transparent.

Tonka XT Ricochet Stunt Pro RC Vehicle

(From Hasbro, for children age 8 years and up. Approximate retail value, $79.99)

A remote-control led that allows children to save up to three of their greatest stunts and perform them again anytime, anywhere. Push the record button on the controller to save your trick to the controller's memory.

Spy Gear Capture Cam

(From Wild Planet, for children age 8 years and up. Approximate retail value, $24.99)

The Capture Cam is a great toy because it's a working camera. Children will like being pretend spies, able to sneakily take pictures to see if a younger sibling or mom is messing with their stuff. Uploading the pictures is easy, and children can add several effects to the photos.

Air Hogs RC HyperActives

(From Spin Master, for children age 12 years and older. Approximate retail value, $49.99)

One of the newest remote control toys in the Air Hogs line is HyperActives -- miniature stunt cars that right themselves when they roll over.

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