Enraged Customer Crashes 'Lemon' Van Into Auto Dealership


David Cross: 'I Knew I Was in Trouble'

After he was done, Cross said, he alerted the police.

"As I was dialing 4-1-1 to call the Portsmouth Police, an officer was driving down the highway," Cross said. "I flagged him down and I told him what I had done. After looking around, the officer arrested me."

Cross was arrested and charged. He was released on personal recognizance bail and will be arraigned Sept. 19 in Portsmouth District Court.

Cross said he wasn't under the influence of alcohol or drugs when he rammed the cars and that he knew that what he was doing could cause him problems.

"When I woke up the next morning at home, I thought it [was] a dream," he said, "but I looked over and saw my bail papers and I knew I was in trouble."

But, he said, he was focused on the larger issue.

"What bugged me is that they wanted to put my family in an unsafe vehicle," he said. "They took advantage of my wife."

People have rallied to Cross' defense and offering to start a defense fund. He said that a local company is selling T-shirts and donating the money to Cross.

"On one side its shows my mug shot and says I was a little crazy last night. The other side says Worship the Cross," he said.

A Facebook page has also been created to support him.

"People want to help. Americans are getting tired of being screwed by the rich," he said. "Even if I did 10 years in prison, this would all be worth it."

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