'Love Times Three': Inside the World of a Polygamous Marriage


I decided to proceed cautiously and get to know Vicki better before making up my mind. At the New Year's Eve party, Vicki and I stayed up all night talking. I found that, while our personalities were very different, we had a lot in common. About two weeks into the new year, I was looking for something to do one day and decided to invite Vicki and Val ice-skating. To my surprise, they accepted, and we had a great time. From that point on, Vicki and I were fast friends, always together—and Joe wasn't even in the picture!

Vicki, I discovered, was very accepting and good-natured. A creative and talented person, she easily picked up everything she tried, from learning the piano to playing tennis. More important, she was deeply committed to doing what she felt was right. Her faith was strong and, like me, she hoped to create a very close family someday. I could see that if we became sister wives, she had qualities that would make it possible to work through the challenges. And even if it didn't work out with Joe, I knew she would always be my good friend. Vicki and I never sat down and had a heart-to-heart talk about our mutual interest in Joe. We didn't have to; we just knew we were in it together. But we did joke about it. Joe had been interested in a girl named Sandy in high school and, before Joe ever acknowledged our interest, Vicki and I congratulated each other on the special two-for-one deal we were offering him! Another time, the Jefferson Starship song "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" came on the radio, and we changed the words in the second line to fit us: "And we can build this dream together; Sandy's gone forever; nothing's gonna stop us now!"

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