Has School Lunch Changed for Your Kids?

Many students headed back to school are finding dramatic changes in the cafeteria as the lunch tray gets its biggest makeover in 15 years.

In an effort to stem an epidemic of childhood obesity and diabetes, the federal government has imposed new nutrition guidelines that require schools to provide healthier meals.

For the 31 million children who eat school lunch every day, that means more fruit and vegetables, fewer calories, more whole grains and less salt.

Some schools have been gradually updating lunches with healthier fare for years. But even at those schools, nutritionists have spent the summer preparing for the first day of classes, tweaking recipes and menus, taste-testing foods and brainstorming about how to persuade children to eat better food.

Has lunch time changed for your kids? How are they enjoying lunch this year? Send us school lunch reviews, pictures and videos and we might use them on World News with Diane Sawyer.

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