Man Scammed Banks Out of $11M to Fund Rock Star Fantasy


Eventually, Mawhinney’s fakery caught up with him. On the night of Oct. 1, 2011, when Lights Over Paris was supposed to play at the Roxy in Los Angeles, Calif., Mawhinney never showed up, sending a DJ in his place. Halfway through the show, the DJ was served with legal papers intended for Mawhinney, who was way behind on his house rent. A year later, Mawhinney was arrested in Miami, Fla.

Mawhinney was charged with multiple felonies and pleaded guilty to four counts of making false statements. He was sentenced to seven years in prison, which is where he called "20/20" from.

"The thing I regret is...kind of losing control," Mawhinney told "20/20" over the phone. "My was crazy, and I was hoping deep down that I could rectify the situation these things back."

"I wish I could have done it, or I would have done it without all that money."

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