Matt Sandusky Feared Perjury Charge Over Grand Jury Testimony


Jerry Sandusky Appeal Will Cite NBC Video

After NBC took responsibility for the editing glitch, Cleland instructed jurors to refer to a corrected transcript during their deliberations and denied Amendola's request for a mistrial, but Amendola said following the guilty verdict that it would be a possible reason for appeal.

The Sandusky defense team may have a shot at appealing parts of the complex case brought against the former coach, according to Jules Epstein, a law professor and attorney at Widener University in Pennsylvania. He said that lawyers will likely try to appeal on the basis of the lack of preparation time, which has been successfully used in the past, as well as the hearsay allowed as evidence with the man known as Victim 8. In that case, the only witness who testified about Victim 8 was a janitor who did not witness a sexual assault himself, but said that his coworker did and told him about it.

"Suppose an appellate court says you're right, the janitor should not have been able to say that," Epstein said. "That's step one. Then it's a case of how bad is the harm? The appellate court could say it affected only the verdict on the one missing victim, so we'll give him a new trial on the one missing victim. Or it could say, no, it polluted all of them. Or it was an error, but was harmless, which means it had no possible impact on the outcome."

The appeals process cannot begin until Sandusky is sentenced, which Cleland said would take approximately 90 days. The process is then a lengthy and expensive one, Epstein noted. If Sandusky's estate is the subject of multiple civil actions, it is unclear if or how he will be able to afford to mount an appeal.

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