Ex-Mayor, Washington Mom Awaits End of Child Molestation Sentence


On May 20, 2011, Linda Lusk pleaded guilty with an Alford plea, maintaining she did not commit a crime but admitting prosecutors had enough information to convict her.

Lusk was sentenced to 90 days in jail, was registered as a sex offender for 10 years, and was placed on probation for one year.

Bubba's mother Heidi Frank has said she will never be happy with the punishment Linda received. Her son, she said, faces a lifelong stigma for his involvement with Lusk and that, she argues, should justify a harsher sentence.

Linda Lusk's probation prohibited her from being able to leave the county without prior consent, be in the presence of children (other than her own) under the age of 16 without a chaperone and prior consent, along with 29 other limitations.

Linda was rearrested for violating parole only months after she completed her jail sentence. The new arrest, which forced Lusk to spend 11 more days in county jail, came after she attended her daughter's swim meet in the neighboring county without acquiring the proper consent from authorities.

Lusk's mistake had a ripple effect when her husband was placed on administrative leave from his job as principal so the school district could investigate his role in his wife's probation violation.

The Prosser School District ultimately found no fault and Kevin is back on the job.

Linda's probation will be lifted August 9 and she tells "20/20" that they are "trying to move forward as a family." Time served and her probation period satisfies Lusk's debt to society, but the social stigma that comes along with a sex offender status will remain for another nine years. As a level one sex offender, Lusk will be required to notify the registry office if she moves, but will no longer have any other restrictions placed upon her.

The Lusk family, despite the forever grinding rumor mill and frequent curiosity as to why they haven't left town, have decided to stay in Prosser until their children graduate high school.

Karlie, Kevin and Linda Lusk are all attending weekly counseling sessions to deal with the grief of Taylor's death they've buried so deep.

Watch the full story on "20/20" now.

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