Mice, Roaches Seen by FDA Inspecting Airline Food

American Airlines' full statement to ABC News:

"With approximately 30 million meals served to American's customers every year, we take the issue of food safety very seriously. Most importantly, we support the work of the FDA and consider them a partner in holding our industry accountable to stringent food safety regulations. In fact, we encourage frequent and comprehensive FDA evaluations of our partner catering kitchens and believe their inspections, in conjunction with our own quality control efforts, have been highly successful in ensuring food safety for our customers and crew.

"In addition to the work of the FDA, we work closely with our catering partners and have an industry-leading Performance Measurement Program which we mandate by contract with our caterers. American was the first U.S.-based airline to implement a comprehensive approach to overall quality management and our catering partners understand that failure to meet our stringent performance requirements can have significant contractual implications. Like the FDA, we frequently conduct unannounced kitchen evaluations to monitor all aspects of service to American, with a particular focus on food safety and hygiene. We follow well-established and stringent FDA guidelines and are continuously monitoring and updating best practices related to food safety and hygiene to ensure we are constantly improving the program."

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