Missing Millionaire Could Be Hiding Out in Netherlands, Wife's Attorney Says


Could Missing Millionaire Guma Aguiar Be Alive?

The attorney for Aguiar's mother did not immediately respond to request for comment. Corey and Angelika Drew could not be reached for comment.

With the holiday season upon Jamie Aguiar and her four children, Scherer said that the Netherlands connection gives her hope.

"It gives my client hope that her husband is still alive, which if he is still alive, that's wonderful, but if he's not, that's a terrible thing to drag her through," Scherer said. "It's just a tough situation for the young lady. She's holding up great but it's not easy. Things like this are tough on her and her kids."

Jamie Aguiar has put her large home up for sale along with the family's boat.

"Jamie wants to sell. She wants to get away from the memories of it," Scherer said. "At the same time, she's faced with looking at litigation that's going on that may impoverish the whole family."

Guma Aguiar's federal case against his uncle Thomas Kaplan is set to begin in March; the two are in a nasty legal battle over the division of assets after the $2.5 billion sale of their Texas-based energy company. A conservator has been appointed to stand in for Aguiar.

In the meantime, Scherer is left puzzled by what it means that one of Aguiar's two sisters is relocating to the Netherlands and "avoiding" her legal responsibilities.

"The two sisters would be claimants if Guma is deceased. If he died on that night, the sisters are beneficiaries under the estate," he said. "You're wondering, why are they trying to run up all these expenses for the estate? They're diminishing their own share. And then you wonder, if that's so, maybe he's not dead. I don't know. And we don't know. It's a lot of speculation, but it's worrisome."

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