Missing Millionaire Guma Aguiar Portrayed Tenderly by Videographer


"Jamie was put into a very untenable position. Most women would have walked on him many years ago," Levine said. "She was a stoic wife, she really was. And eventually she couldn't hold that up anymore. She's a victim in all of this. She's a bystander and she's trying to keep it all together and the same is true for his mother. She's one of the people in his circle that he really trusted, that he could talk to."

In the week after Aguiar's disappearance, his wife and mother filed a flurry of legal documents seeking control of his assets and fortune.

The documents were filled with bitter accusations from both sides. Ellen Aguiar claimed that her son was distressed the night he took off on the boat because his wife had told him she wanted a divorce. Jamie Aguiar's attorney's accused Aguiar's mother of riding on his "gravy train" and taking advantage of his wealth.

A Florida court gave neither woman control, instead appointing conservatorship to outside attorneys who will manage Aguiar's assets and legal involvements while he is absent.

"These are people that were trying to do the right thing for Guma," Levine added. "[They're] all people that worked with each other to help Guma. It's only since there's legal action that attorneys are making it personal."

Levine often traveled with Aguiar and filmed him working in places like Haiti and Israel.

"This is guy with huge potential. He wanted a platform to do good," Levine said. "He wanted to build a soccer field in Gaza. He wanted to donate thousands of soccer balls and uniforms. He had the kind of profile in Israel where he probably could have pulled that off and that's the tragedy.

"That's what's sad and that's what people can't see," he said. "If you only look at the disease part, you're only seeing a slice. This was a prominent slice, no doubt, but it wasn't the slice that defined him."

Florida police are still investigating Aguiar's disappearance as a missing person investigation. They do not currently suspect foul play.

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