Mom Jailed for Breastfeeding While Drinking, Waitress Fired Over It


Conway, Ark., police told “20/20” that they only give a Breathalyzer test to suspected drunken drivers. Although police arrested Adams for endangering her baby, ABC News contributor Dr. Jennifer Ashton, a practicing ob-gyn, told “20/20” that surprisingly little research has been done on drinking while nursing.

“Conventional wisdom will say that breastfeeding is best for both the mother and the baby, and that moderate consumption, which really means once and a while to consume a drink, probably will not do any harm for the baby,” Ashton said. “But we have to remember that alcohol is a toxin. It’s especially toxic to the newborn's brain, to the developing brain.”

It is unclear how much alcohol gets into the mother’s milk while drinking, and the science is imprecise. Still, there are options for nursing mothers who want to have a drink now and then, said Ashton.

“You have the option of pumping in advance, pumping and storing milk or saying at the last minute, ‘You know what, I want to have a fun night tonight. I’m going to drink probably more than one drink, and so for the next six hours, I’m going to give my baby formula.’”

Conners, who said she was just trying to do the right thing, was fired the week after she called the police on Adams.

“If I was ever in that situation again, I would still do the same thing, because that baby can’t speak up for itself,” Conners said. “No one else was doing anything. Even if I knew my job was on the line and it was right around the holidays, I would still do it again.”

“Whether it was right or wrong in my eyes is different, you know, but if she really thought my baby was in danger, you know, maybe she done the right thing,” Adams said.

“I’ll say it till the day I die,” said Adams.

“I was sober enough to breastfeed my kid.”

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