Can Motherhood and Alcohol Mix? Moms Enjoy Cocktail Parties on Kids' Play Dates


One of the panelists, Jill Hoefs, says she's been taking her son, Aidan, to bars since he was just two weeks old.

"He would just curl up in the booth with us. We'd be having dinner, having a beer and he's just sound asleep in the booth," she said.

Hoefs insists there's nothing wrong with bringing babies to pubs.

" I don't think because a woman has a drink in her hand she's using poor judgment and not taking care of her child at a bar … I know I've made my share of mistakes stone sober," she said.

But to moms like Hoefs comes a cautionary tale: Stefanie Wilder-Taylor used to enjoy drinks on play dates.

But two years ago, the California mom – and author of the bestseller "Sippy Cups are Not for Chardonnay" -- came out as an alcoholic.

Her message to moms? Imbibing some alcohol to be social is OK, but drinking to cope with the stresses of motherhood can be a red flag.

"It's mind-numbingly hard how many demands you have to raise these little human beings … I think that if you find yourself drinking too much and you find yourself doing it repeatedly to take the edge off … I would say to monitor your behavior and try to quit," Wilder-Taylor added.

The Florida moms insist their children always come first.

But they also say that moms are entitled to some fun, too.

"It's absolutely ok for the moms to have fun," Donoghue said. "There's nothing wrong with a glass of wine here and there ... It's not impairing your watchfulness over your children – one glass of wine."

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