Mother of Miami 'Cannibal' Says Son Was Drugged Before Alleged Attack


Those types of surgeries could take months to a year to perform.

Poppo could also be a candidate for a full face transplant that would take 18 to 20 hours, but he would first need a donor and lots of support.

"That is a huge investment for an institution and society," said Song. "Although the face transplant patients may look good the downside is they will have to be on expensive immune suppressive medications so that his body does not reject another person's face for the rest of his life. The cost can be hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Someone is going to have to give him medication. He would also have to have good social support, psychiatric support. It's a huge production."

According to reports, Poppo's family assumed he was dead until the vicious attack made headlines around the world. The homeless man lived under a bridge near where he was attacked and has no money and no insurance. For the face transplant to work he would have to be placed on a strict regimen.

For now, his doctors continue to fight to save his life. His family, Eugene's family, South Florida and the rest of the world continue to question how anything like this could happen.

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