NYC Deputy Mayor on 'Chokehold' Case: This Time Is Different


Nevertheless, worried that the Garner death could cripple the fledgling administration if handled badly, City Hall went into full crisis mode. A war room was established. Emergency updates began pouring in. Staffers were sent to see Garner’s family. The mayor got on the phone as did his top aides.

“The administration is marshaling its resources at every level to ensure that we are strengthening the relationship between community and police in New York City in all of our neighborhoods.” That was the talking point handed to de Blasio and senior staff, who kept repeating it.

Bottom line, Shorris said, what happened in the last week is new for New York City because City Hall recognized the passion on the street and in minority communities and channeled it.

“We need to understand what happened and make sure what happened never happens again,” Shorris said.

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