'Occupy Wall Street' Protesters Settle in for Long Haul


Meanwhile, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi told ABC's Christiane Amanpour of "This Week" today that she understands that Americans are angry and admitted that most of the anger is directed at policies enacted by her own party.

"I support the message to the establishment, whether it's Wall Street, the political establishment or the rest that change has to happen," Pelosi said. "We cannot continue in a way that is not relevant to their lives, people are angry."

Pelosi said she was well aware of the low approval ratings of Congress and she can see what many people see as the lack of a coherent message from the government, but the amount of frustration that is now boiling into the streets is something significant.

As protests continue to expand throughout the country, not all of them have ended peacefully. The National Air and Space Museum in Washington had to shut down Saturday after some 200 protestors -- both anti-war protestors joined by Occupy Wall Street protestors -- tried to enter with signs.

Security guards tried to stop them and at least one other guard used pepper spray on demonstrators before ordering the building be shut. Pepper spray has been used by NYPD officers in the past few weeks as well.

Smithsonian representatives said the museum opened on time today and was fully operational.

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