Oklahoma Tornado: Engaged Couple's Love, Wedding Survive

Couple 'Thankful,' 'Blessed' Ahead of Upcoming Wedding

Unexpectedly, Velasquez's ring, tucked away in its case, was found in the same spot he left it, and hadn't moved an inch on his dresser. His suit, although not at the dry cleaners, was covered in a plastic bag hanging in the closet, and was also saved.

"The suit was OK. It was in the master bathroom, which got heavy damage. But it was in a plastic bag and it still looks good," Velasquez said.

And just a few feet away, in what appeared to defy the force of nature, a framed picture of the engaged couple remained standing on their bathroom sink.

With only two weeks remaining until their wedding day, discovering these small glimpses of hope, despite the life-altering tragedy, have encouraged Gosh and Velasquez to move forward with their wedding plans at Disneyland.

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"It's our place, and we thought what better place than our favorite place to get married? So I think in light of everything that's happened this week, we're thankful that we picked somewhere that we really enjoy so much," Gosh said.

"It's a cool place to do a wedding. They coordinate everything for you. And then when we return in June we have a reception here in the city, so I think that's going to be emotional."

That following Sunday, Gosh and Velasquez headed to the American Red Cross's multiagency resource center (MARC) set up at West Moore High School in Moore, Okla., where dozens of agencies exist under one roof to help assist victims.

Jecoliah Ellis, a Red Cross spokeswoman, recalled meeting Velasquez and Gosh at the MARC.

"Once I started talking to them, it was very clear from the beginning of our conversation that they were an inspiring couple," Ellis said. "Although they had lost everything, they still had a lot of hope."

She added, "When disaster strikes, one of the roles of the American Red Cross is to get on the ground immediately and provide comfort, shelter, and food to those affected. And part of the Red Cross mission is to also provide hope, and that's why Jason and Mady's story stood out to me. Because they are full of hope."

Velasquez said, "We've learned you're not alone. That's the one thing that I've taken out of this. That sometimes you feel alone and you're not alone."

Gosh said, "It's been a very eye-opening and humbling experience. I mean, we have so much to be thankful for. We've been so blessed to have our church, community and friends stand beside us, and just be there [for us].

"We're super happy to have each other. Especially right now, that's been the best part."

Velasquez said that overcoming this tragedy alongside his fiancée has forever changed their relationship.

"As time goes on," he said, "we'll look at May 20 as the day we became stronger, together."

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