Penn State Scandal: Sandusky Allegedly Confessed to Boy's Mother


Scott Paterno, who has been acting as his father's spokesman since the sex abuse scandal that has rocked the university came to light, sent out a Twitter message today that referenced a New York Times report that the board was in the process of planning Joe Paterno's exit from the university "within days or weeks."

"NYT report premature. No discussions about retirement with JVP," he tweeted.

Scott Paterno also said that he was "working on" setting up a press conference for his father off campus to address questions about the coach's involvement in the alleged cover-up of the crimes.

Penn State officials also said Tuesday that they had not heard that the iconic football coach is getting the boot. Representatives from the public information office, board of trustees, and football department all denied being told anything that pointed to Paterno being removed from the head coach position, which he's held for 46 years.

The football department said that Paterno will be at the helm of the team as it plays Nebraska this Saturday. A board member told that reports of Paterno being forced out "sounds like a crazy report," but that she had no firsthand knowledge of the meetings taking place.

The chairman of the board, Steve Garban, was unable to take phone calls Tuesday and had meetings scheduled all day, according to his family.

The Times report came after public appearances by Paterno and university president Graham Spanier were both cancelled.

The university said the cancellation was due to the "on-going legal circumstances centered around the recent allegations and charges," and would not be rescheduled.

In 2002, graduate assistant coach Mike McQueary allegedly saw Sandusky in the shower of the football team's locker rooms sexually assaulting a boy of about 10. McQueary told Paterno what he saw, and rather than tell the police, Paterno reported the information to his boss, Curly, and then never spoke of the incident again, according to a grand jury presentment.

Paterno released a statement Sunday saying he "did what (he) was supposed to do" by reporting the incident only to his supervisor, Curly.

Curly and his supervisor, Gary Schultz, did not report the incident to police. They then told Spanier that Sandusky had been seen acting inappropriately with a boy in the showers and had therefore restricted his access to campus grounds. Spanier approved, and did not contact the police.

Under Pennsylvania state law, only Curly and Schultz were responsible for contacting the police to report the incident, according to the attorney general.

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