Petit Judge to Decide If Girl Can Testify for Dad in Death Penalty Trial


Daughter Becomes Focus of Dad's Death Penalty Trial

In 2001, in Los Angeles, four children were called by a prosecutor to testify against their father, Marco Barrera, who had been convicted of killing several of his other children. The situation caused outrage among child advocates.

In her young life, Komisarjevsky's daughter has already had a lot to emotional turmoil to deal with.

The girl was born in 2002 while Komisarjevsky sat in jail serving time for a string of burglaries. Komisarjevsky and the girl's mother shared custody until he filed for sole custody in 2007 claiming his ex-girlfriend was abusing drugs.

After her father was arrested for the Petit murders, his daughter moved in to the home of his parents Jude and Benedict Komisarjevsky. She is now living with relatives on her mother's side of the family.

If Blue allows the child to testify, he could stipulate she do so via video conferencing or in a closed courtroom to ease the psychological trauma of the circumstances,

During the penalty phase of the trial, witnessnes have described Komisarjevsky as a child who was adopted, was raped as a boy, saw demons and suffered a head injury in a car crash. His younger sister also testified that she was molested by Komisarjevsky when she was a girl.

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