Rony Camille
  • Sounding Off on Student Loan Debt

    Rony Camille of Nashua, N.H., has $85,000 in loan debt, not including interest. "I currently work two jobs with the occasional freelance gig here and there. My annual take home salary from my two jobs is $33,000," he said. "Some months' cost-of-living expenses outweigh a student loan payment. Starve, miss a rent payment to pay a loan, or eat and not pay a loan."
    Rony Camille
  • Sounding Off on Student Loan Debt

    "I owe about $75,000 in school loans, and after paying nearly $1,000 per month in loans I still haven't paid off all the interest I accumulated while still in school," said Rob McMichael of New Jersey. "I just wish I could not have the burden of such an enormous sum of money so then I could actually move forward with my life!"
    Rob McMichael
  • Sounding Off on Student Loan Debt

    Jennifer Lo Prete accumulated $72,753.23 in student loan debt while she was getting her master's degree from Northwestern University. She now lives in Spain with her husband and says she will be paying her debt for the rest of her life.
    Jennifer Lo Prete
  • Sounding Off on Student Loan Debt

    Sarah Signor of Youngstown, Ohio, just started an online program to obtain her bachelor's degree. "I need to go to college to get a job, but even when I do it still won't be enough to cover the bills," she said. "With the cost being about $10,800 per year, and me only attending because of student loans? I'm going to have to pay about $60,000 worth."
    Sarah Signor
  • Student Loan Debt

    Caitlin Lewis of Hillsborough, N.J., holds up a sign that describes how she feels about the burdens of her student loan debt. Americans have accumulated more than $950 billion in student loans, according to That amount as surpassed the amount of credit card debt in the United States.
    Courtesy Caitlin Lewis
  • Student Loan Debt

    College tuition has gone up more than 900 percent since 1978, according to a report by "n + 1" magazine. Allison Hadley of Kansas City, Kan., hopes that the money she spends on her education will be worth it. "After my four years of medical school, I will be $200,000 in debt," she said.
    Courtesy Allison Hadley
  • Student Loan Debt

    Amanda Hough and her husband have accumulated more than $80,000 in student loan debt. "Where is the payoff? Aren't we supposed to be able to find better jobs with a college education? My friends that are plumbers and electricians are making significantly more money than we are," she said.
    Courtesy Amanda Hough
  • Student Loan Debt

    Jackson Fowler of Fargo, N.D., has $92,000 in debt and, in his words, he can't afford ramen. "I have $9 in my bank account, and I have a $15 parking ticket I have to pay this week! I literally don't have enough money to buy Ramen! I guess I'm living on the edge," he said.
    Courtesy Jackson Fowler
  • Student Loan Debt

    Carrie Heller of Richmond, Ind., has $41,000 in student loan debt and says it was worth every penny. "[I] have a bachelor's degree and a master's degree and now I help first year students be successful in college," she said.
    Courtesy Carrie Heller
  • Student Loan Debt

    Megan Allen of Washington is a full-time graduate student at Howard University and is also balancing motherhood. She has $50,000-worth of student loans and said it is steadily stacking up because she's also borrowing money to live, and not just for her education.
    Courtesy Megan Allen
  • Student Loan Debt

    "I am over $100,000 in student loan debt," said Hannah Haggard of Russell, KS. "The student loan companies aren't really working with me, due to my financial situation, and they still expect over $400 a month, when I only make about $500 working part time and taking care of my parents."
    Courtesy Hannah Haggard
  • Student Loan Debt

    Approximately two-thirds of all college students graduate with student loan debt. One young man, who uploaded his picture to ABC News via Instagram, wrote that his $38,000 worth of debt "dictates my life."
  • Student Loan Debt

    Jamie Brown of Cape Coral, Fla.. owes $69,034.87 in student loans and is concerned with how she will save for the future. "Sallie Mae has not helped me or my parents at all to figure out lower interest rates or any other way to lower monthly payments," she said. "How am I supposed to help the economy buying houses or save for my future to have a family and be able to provide for my family?"
    Courtesy Jamie Brown
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