PHOTOS: Men Done Wrong By The Law

After spending years in jail, these men finally get a taste of sweet freedom.

Men Done Wrong By The Justice System

Alan Newton 21 years
Clarence Harrison 17.5 years
Orlando Boquete 13 years
Innocence Project Portraits
Robert Clark 23.5 years
Brandon Moon 17 years
Michael Anthony William 23.5 years
James Waller 10 years
Dennis Maher 19 years
Albert Johnson 10 years
Chris Ochoa 11.5 years
Marvin Anderson 15 years
Herman Atkins 11.5 years
Kenneth Wyniemko 8.5 years
Larry Peterson 16.5 years
Samuel Scott 15 years
Walter Smith 10 years
Willie "Pete" Williams 21.5 years
Clark McMillan 22 years
Albert Johnson 10 years
Albert Johnson became the prime suspect in a sexual assault case when police stopped him for speeding. He matched the description of the assailant as a black man driving a small white car. Two rape victims identified him. Johnson studied law while he was incarcerated and sought DNA testing. One of the rape kits had been destroyed, but the second was located and subjected to testing; Johnson was exonerated based on the results.

Incarcerated for10 years. (Innocence Project/Dan Gair)

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