Famous author Leo Tolstoy bequeathed his possessions to the stump of a tree.

Danish woman leaves $60,000 to six chimpanzees -- Jimmy, Trunte, Fifi, Trine, Grinni, and Gigi -- housed in a Copenhagen zoo.

Countess leaves millions to pet dog, Gunther III, with a personal maid, a chauffer-driven limousine and a custom-built swimming pool.

Woman files longest will: 95,000 words written over 20 years. Friends thought she was writing a book.

French fortune left to person who got a signal or word from a "heavenly body" -- still unclaimed.

A French doctor left an annual prize to the 'finest nose.' Competition was open to those with red hair and black eyebrows (and no Russians).

A Viennese millionaire, very scared of darkness, desired his coffin to be permanently lit.

Finnish government took possession of an estate that was bequeathed to the devil.

A rich Californian demanded that if green grass over his grave turned yellow his vast trust fund would become null and void.

Declaring his native country as 'a nation of bastards and fools,' a Frenchman bequeathed his fortune to the poor of London and desired that his body be thrown into the sea a mile from the English coast.

The Prince of Islington willed that four days after his death, two skillful surgeons should operate upon him to make sure that he is actually dead.

Man wrote not on paper, but on his door in red chalk, signed by two witnesses. Judge refused to accept and door was unhinged and brought to court.
Tiniest will: written on back of postage stamp -- with witness signatures.

Bears in a Swiss zoo once willed a fortune.

A Cuban parakeet and cocker spaniel given $3,000 pounds in England.

Sources: The India Tribune and The People's Book of Lists