Will Pot Laws in Colorado and Washington Make Them a New Amsterdam?


New Pot Laws in Colorado and Washington

Collins predicts that the federal government will not pursue criminal charges against individuals smoking or possessing small amounts of pot because of the difficulty agents would face in prosecuting all of the offenders. In that case, tourists essentially would be able to carry and smoke marijuana, but would not be able to legally buy it.

"If they (ban retail sales), the existing black market would continue, and the state won't get tax money. If you ask voters why they voted for this, they say because it should be taxed like booze. That was a big part of the debate," Collins said.

Whether the federal government decides to pursue criminal charges against pot sellers or not, users who smoke or ingest the drug are still banned from skiing, snowboarding, or hurtling down a mountain while high.

The Colorado Ski Safety Act, a law passed by Colorado in 2006, bans anyone from participating in mountain sports while intoxicated.

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