Another PR Crisis for Scientology


This past New Year's Eve, however, Cook sent an email to Scientologists criticizing Miscavige's leadership of the church. The email gained press coverage, and the church responded by suing Cook and her husband Wayne Baumgarten in Texas state court for allegedly breaching their confidentiality agreement.

Cook and her husband claimed in court that the agreement was invalid because it was signed under duress. The church adamantly denies that, and played in court a video of the signing. In the video, a church lawyer asks Cook if she is signing voluntarily, and she says "yes." The lawyer also asks if Cook has been threatened or "forced to do anything," and Cook says "not at all, whatsoever."

In the ABC News interview, Cook was asked about the church's claim that she and her husband are bitter "defrocked apostates" who are spreading lies and fictions about the church.

"I have never lost my passion or love for the church and all that it stands for, and all that it does to help others," Cook said. "That is my life and I loved doing it, so I'm not bitter. It's really out of that passion and love and care that I am doing this to rid it of a situation that has grown out of control … it needs to get confronted and it needs to get handled. It can't go on. You know, I know that L. Ron Hubbard would never approve of it."

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