Quadruple Amputee Scores Against All Odds on High School Soccer Team


"I always tell people, 'Never give up.' Look, I have no arms and no feet and I can do everything without them. I can still kick a soccer ball, hit a baseball, type and even text," Jorge said.

When Jorge approached his adoptive mom about playing soccer for the school team, she said she had mixed feelings about the matter. "I don't like to tell him 'No, you can't do this, or you can't do that.' But it's so easy to get injured," she said. "But I just prayed harder."

"Usually a child like that would want to stay and hide in a corner, but God just gave him a personality," Faye Dyksen said.

Jorge said he often gets stares and unwanted attention from strangers, but he's used to it.

"I really just don't care. When people say things, I just giggle at myself," Jorge told ABC News.

With good communication between the school's athletic department and Mama Faye, Jorge has taken to the field. Jorge sets his own pace and tells Coach Sanchez when it gets to be too much. Without hands and feet, Jorge's body has less surface area which causes him to sweat more than anybody else.

"His goal is to score a goal by the end of the year," Assistant Coach Daniel Sanchez told ABC News. "I think he will by the end of the season."

Sanchez said Jorge is an inspiration and "big motivating factor."

"Whenever the team is down for any reason, he pumps them back up," Sanchez said. And during practice, "everyone wants to work at the same level he's working at."

"Jorge is not only a great teammate but a great friend, definitely a team player -- what every coach wants," Sanchez said.

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