Wild Cargo Arrives In Colorado, Where the Lions and Tigers Roam


The Wild Animal Sanctury was born after Craig, at just 19, knew something had to be done about the treatment of animals in captivity. While working at a zoo, he saw several animals euthanized because there was no room or resources to keep them. He took matters into his own hands, and converted family farmlands into the Sanctuary. His first month in operation, Craig received 300 letters from zoos across the country. "From that day forward, we were knee deep in rescuing animals."

Like "Raising A Child"

There's something special about the large animals, he said. "They can tell when people are trying to help them, they're ecstatic."

Watching the lions go through the steps of rehabilitation, and experiencing new things for the first time, will be like "raising a child," Craig said. "It's pretty amazing to watch them grow and develop."

To learn more about the Wild Animal Sanctuary, click here

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