Jerry Sandusky Lawyer Would Be 'Shocked' By an Acquittal


"I understand why this particular exchange might be important to your deliberations, but as a practical matter, we can't go back and redo the trial, so with regard to other witnesses, unless it is extremely important I'm going to instruct you to rely on your memories," Cleland said.

Jurors must make their way through all of the 48 counts from the 10 separate alleged victims before returning a verdict, and have been encouraged by Cleland to work long days in order to do so quickly. They are sequestered for deliberations.

The jury began their deliberations Thursday and was sequestered during the night, leaving them unaware of the drama that erupted after they started their work.

Sandusky's adopted son Matt -- who had defended the man who adopted him throughout the investigation -- issued a statement Thursday saying that he had been prepared to tell the jury that he had been sexually abused, too. Matt Sandusky is one of six children Jerry Sandusky and his wife adopted.

Sources close to the case said that Matt Sandusky contacted prosecutors late last week to say that he was willing to testify. Prosecutors couldn't call him to the stand for direct questioning because he was not included in the charges against his father.

But they could have called Matt Sandusky to the stand as a rebuttal witness if Jerry Sandusky took the stand, sources said.

Lawyers for Jerry Sandusky said they were considering allowing him to testify up until the last day of testimony Wednesday.

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