Obstacle Courses, Charades Are 'Secrets of Happy Families'


In another chapter, Feiler writes that successful institutions have mission statements and wacky family traditions can also breed happiness. And when researchers asked 1,000 kids "if they could have one wish about their parents," many of the kids said they wanted their parents to be less tired and less stressed.

"The week we introduced the morning checklist into our family, we pre-cut parental screaming in half," Feiler said. "So if the standard here is parental stress, our stress went in half."

And to maximize team spirit among family members, Feiler said the Green Berets believe in pushing everyone's physical limits in pursuit of a common goal.

That's where Juju's kids come in. Watch what happens when ABC's Juju Chang and her family put some of Feiler's "The Secrets of Happy Families" to the test HERE

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